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The preferred surgical technique for top surgery is variable, depending on factors such as volume of tissue and skin elasticity of the client. However, some individuals have had success with occasional, careful binding once the milk supply is well established and regulated. The amount of milk that is produced will depend somewhat on how many years the woman used hormones prior to inducing lactation, and how fully her glandular tissue developed during that time. Contains information relevant to trans women and men who have had breast or chest surgery. Our reproductive organs and sexual anatomy define our physical sex — male, female, or intersex.

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A trans man who has not had top surgery may choose to bind his chest in order to flatten it, thereby managing his gender dysphoria.

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MTF Surgery

Feel free to ask! Dr Maarten Doornaert advises to wait at least 18 months before getting a breast enlargement after starting with HRT. While the volume growth of the gland itself is often disappointing, the skin and the nipple undergo most valuable changes, making even larger implants look more natural after surgery. Feelings of gender dysphoria may be triggered or exacerbated when a trans individual is misgendered by others, including health care providers and lactation helpers. Some masculine-identified trans people use this term to describe the act of feeding their baby from their chest, regardless of whether they have had chest surgery.

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Remember that if you are unsure, it is best to ask about which names and pronouns an individual uses. Plan on having someone stay with you during this time to provide assistance. Testosterone normally causes the cessation of menstruation and ovulation, and brings about male secondary sex characteristics. In this case the risk for blood clots is higher. Explain the supply and demand system that governs lactation. Some trans men who give birth do not want to chestfeed at all, in some cases for reasons to do with mental health and gender dysphoria.

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