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These listicles tend to reference SpongeBob surfing on David Hasselhoff's brawny chest, the show's affinity for rainbows, and random homoerotic moments between the male characters. The Cases of Rammstein and Hatari. International waters. In Will and Gracegay men lent their ironic, snarky humor for middle-American laugh tracks, while in Queer Eye for the Straight GuyCarson Kressley and his crew of homosexuals -- the "fab five" -- used their feminine knowledge of fashion to help heterosexual men seem more appealing to women. It satirizes the heteronormative tropes of parenthood:

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According to Cuban state media on Feb.

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A Bob Dylan Story, a cinematic genius and a Nobel Prize-winning musical icon pair for a magical and purposefully deceptive look at rock 'n' roll life in the mid-'70s. A Google search for "SpongeBob is gay" brings a number of articles from conservative and LGBT blogs, most of them showing a list of specific moments in which something "gay" occurred in the series. Dellums, a fiery anti-war activist who championed social justice as Northern California's first black congressman, has died at age They assumed that for SpongeBob SquarePants to be understood as a "gay show", SpongeBob and his friends had to explicitly identify as queer.

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Gamble, an outfielder who hit home runs over 17 major league seasons, died on Jan.

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