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He was clearly pissed about something as usual. Harry's pants and boxers dropped, he faced the lake and that's when Draco's jaw dropped even wider. Can't say I blame him… During dinner, Draco had to try quite hard to stop from staring at Harry. Draco grimaced and whipped his head forward. The usual camping trip, but with a few tag-alongs, several detours, and quite a bit more romance.

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He attempts to deal with his trauma through ballet, but when he becomes friends with Harry Potter it becomes obvious that the best way to heal is alongside someone else.

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Harry Potter is Gay: An Investigation of Queer Fan Culture

It's up to Harry, Ron and, of all people, Draco to solve the case. And once you hear this story, you will be glad that I did not change the facts. He had fallen asleep in History of Magic. Because she, is me, is I. I wrote this to show kids like me that they aren't alone, a man named Ronald Weasley has always had access to these entries.

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Harry put as much force and power into his spell as he could and in an instant all the Daily Prophets in the hall burst into flame, they were reduced to ashes in seconds. Making the one person already at the top love you. The wizarding world after the war was all about making life better. But, of course, things can only go up from here. It was supposed to be just a few months of tutoring, but it was so much more than that. Everyone in the Hall stared in shock at the boy who lived, nobody thought he of all people would defend Malfoy. And at sixteen, they need each other the most

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