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By continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you consent to our use of cookies. Zac Gelfand None of this to my face though. In both, there is a focus on heels and faces—but those things mean something a little different in sports entertainment. Their ultimate breakup has led to one of the most anticipated feuds in Japanese wrestling's history. The wheel is always spinning, reader.

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You could certainly make the case and I have that Sonya has yet to receive the respect she deserves in WWE.

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Instagram theboydiva. In addition to her singles work, she and her sister Delmi Exo are also a tag team known as the Sea Stars. Ernie Roth entertained the whole WWE universe with his colourful appearances and controversial comments. The two often hugged and were filmed giving each other gifts and helping one another stretch backstage.

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The story of Darren Young, who was until recently the only openly gay performer in the company he was let go in for unspecified reasonsis complicated.

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