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Next in our parenting conversation, when you've got a typical teen, hormones raging, attitude rising, oh, and he's decided to come out of the closet. The youth of the Webster kids and other gay middle-schoolers is a sign of how far gay rights have come — but it's also these kids' biggest obstacle to acceptance. According to their study, researchers determined that queer youth from these families are more than eight times more likely to attempt suicide than those in supportive families. But many parents find that they just need time to adjust to the news. NPR Shop. And that is, well, isn't that too young to sort of be dealing with these issues? He has also been asking questions about being gay.

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They feel comfortable and secure about being attracted to people of the same gender.

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What had changed? Gay kids are coming out earlier — sometimes in middle school — and many are finding acceptance. Kinja is in read-only mode. It's probably just a phase.

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People are so cruel.

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