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After consultation on Lloyds requirements from the project, Out Now crafted several bespoke questions that would deliver the desired outcomes. Download the full report now. Out Now worked in conjunction with Aviva to design an appropriate survey to deliver insights around these issues. The results from this survey were also segmented according to Aviva's requirements via both age, gender, and relationship status. Also, learn more about the Simmons LGBT Consumer Studythe only syndicated, national probability sample survey that measures the lifestyles, attitudes, media habits and brand preferences of the LGBT population giving marketers actionable insights into this powerful consumer segment that can be directly compared with those of heterosexuals. Lesbian and gay media worldwide has also benefited from partnering with us to better understand the social, lifestyle and consumer issues faced by the world's gay and lesbian communities. In addition to general searching in our databases, search here for specific information on LGBTQ consumers:.

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Interestingly, when household size is brought into the equation, we see that gay males actually have higher discretionary spending per capita than heterosexual men.

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Defining the lesbian/gay community? Market research and the lesbian/gay press.

You will find more media coverage of our LGBT market research program in the Press section of this site, but here are a few reports that discuss how our LGBT market research has influenced the world's knowledge of lesbian and gay people. Younger adults have consistently been more likely to identify as LGBT, and in fact today, 5. What marketers need to know about gay consumers Marketing across channels June 17, by Experian Marketing Services. It includes company profiles, some with SWOT analysis, country briefings, sector briefings, sector data, industry watch articles and detailed Consumer Lifestyle reports. Nationwide commissioned Out Now to deliver a PR oriented research project with the aim of starting an industry-wide dialogue about LGBT customer experience in the banking sector. Search for "Gay and Lesbian" to find statistics and articles on digital media, social networking and more.

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House of Representatives are apportioned. The speed with which public attitudes have shifted towards greater acceptance of LGBT individuals and their causes has left many marketers scrambling to devise plans that are not only inclusive of LGBT consumers, but in many instances, designed to overtly and publically court this influential and growing consumer segment. Content includes industry interviews, competitive analysis, market trends, product innovations, buyer behavior, and market share. Marketing across channels June 17, by Experian Marketing Services. Age and gender variations are allocated into representative matrix cells to allow increasing levels of insights and data analysis.

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