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While he, like many other mutants, found himself temporarily without his powers, Rictor found his calling as a private investigator and comfort in the warm embrace of Shatterstar. Harley Quinn Bisexual. The Gays of Christmas Past. After her mentor Vic Sage dies of lung cancer, former Gotham City Police Detective Renee Montoya assumes his superhero alter ego as the vigilante known as the Question. Another alternate universe mutant, this version of Wolverine lusted after the god Hercules.

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Lord Fanny Transgender.

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InRictor shared a kiss with fellow X-Force member Shatterstar, the first ever in a Marvel comic book. Ragnarok that confirmed her sexuality on-screen, but the scene wound up getting cut. Lord Fanny Transgender. While it was never confirmed by Nightingale that she was in fact a lesbianshe refused marriage proposals from men and made it known she preferred the company of women.

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