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Thursday, January 24, So much love for "These boots"! She smiled as she reared her foot back, my dick grew incredibly hard as I was throbbing in anticipation. We literally lived right behind the Middle School so it took like a min to get there. When I first watched "These boots are made for ballbusting"the latest clip in our series of BallbustingBoys. Monday, January 28, "These boots" are Number One! Log in Sign up now. Zach made quick work of the clean up, having had years of practice cleaning up such huge and sticky spills, and was soon finished with the mop and with washing down the mirrors.

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Periodically she would say that her feet hurt, and she would slide her sexy feet right on over to me and I would massage them and breath deeply on them.

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My First Ballbusting Experience.

The unbearably handsome and masculine young stud then struck a heart stopping double biceps pose in the mirror, flexing every one of his magnificent muscles at the same time, and let out a mighty bellow of power and triumph. His already gigantic quads had exploded to even more mind-blowing dimensions, and those humongous muscles visibly quivered after their most brutal workout ever. But I got other stories, just gotta find time to write them down ya know. Wearing really soft and weak basketball shorts and breifs The kicker: Zach would then get into bed, and would spend a few moments inspecting his great, heavy bollocks before turning off the light. He then attached the pound kettle bell to his balls, the weight strap tightly encircling the neck of his baggy, hairless scrotum and forcing his ostrich-egg-sized bollocks to bulge out at the very bottom of their sac.

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The crowd cheered and whistled at the proposed match, as they knew such an event could actually prove to be a challenge for the handsome and heroic fighter, and the lustful audience wanted to see their dashingly handsome champion pitted against difficult odds. Dawn was about to break on the unusually chill night when the man finally arrived at the secret biotech installation. His pulsating cock began painting thick, sloppy lines of his concentrated man juice from his feet to the wall, and a good 5 or 6 feet up the face of the mirror. Nearly impossible to miss, in fact! His behemoth balls would be crushed dangerously flat at this point, only a fraction of their normal and extraordinarily bulky width, and tottering on the brink of bursting apart. Instead, he gave each boxer pointers on how better to land their blows.

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