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The last two years I became his full time caregiver. And for some it works out in the long run and no damage is done. At 48 I met a much younger gay man-boy. I felt rather guilty about this and talked to several friends, who suggested that we would simply enjoy each other one day at a time. There are plenty of older men who have no desire to be in a relationship with younger guys and they sometimes state it very strongly in their profiles. Six years ago my wife passed away after we had brought 4 daughters into the world I now also have 6 grandchildren — one of whom is lesbian. I have a right to be with whom I am happy with right?

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You can be perfectly content avoiding the relationships and other people and be satisfied with your erotic toys and gay porn collection.

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You would think gay people would be more understanding of that fact. Joe December 1, at 4: Tunde February 5, at

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There are generally considered to be four main types of negative thinking which include; all or nothing thinking, disqualifying the positives, negative self-labelling, and catastrophizing.

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