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Definitely one of my top style icons period. What was once lesbian code is now merely on-trend, thanks to the high-street ubiquity of unisex outfitters such as American Apparel and Uniqlo and the androgynous cuts of Scandinavian shops like Cos. Leisha is probably the cutest woman on earth. I used to be afraid to express the male side of me out in public but thanks to k d lang, I now have the courage to do so. However, tailoring is the only way to ensure a perfect fit every time.

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I want to show you my new collection.

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Top 10 Lesbian Fashion & Style Icons

I would suggest you check out this article we wrote back in August about the Philippines and the exact issues you talk about with respect to sexuality: I think asking for equal right as what straight people has is not possible because the mere fact that straight Filipinos are deprive by there basic rights, what more for those gay people??? Also like how Topman has tiny sizes for all the waif-like indie boys so its not a stress finding things to fit. Fashion and women are almost inseparable. The Samantha Ronson look is almost the anti-sex, but somehow that goes all the way past bla and back again, to comforting-sexy. You need to login in order to like this post: Les Girls - Un portal para chicas lesbianas de Panama.

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Lennie, thanks for sharing. The L Word features several thin lesbians with long hair? We tried to think of women doing signature things with fashion and these are some of the women we thought of. But is this not important too? I am a lesbian fashion designer and I have a blog about it you might enjoy: They not only represent all kinds of lesbians they write about gay bi and transgender as well. If torn between whether to get the right neck size or right length, choose neck!

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