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Homosexuals are identified not by a trait or a gene, but rather by their actions. King, M. But the real significance is that it takes us one step closer to understanding the origins of one of the most fascinating and important features of human beings. These knotted cords may hide the first evidence that the Incas collected taxes. But people of both sexes ran the gamut of sexual orientations. It isn't 10, Creating an AI can be five times worse for the planet than a car. The perception is that these individuals share the same apartment buildings, offices, clubs, etc.

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Lesbian denotes a homosexual woman.

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Extra fingers, often seen as useless, can offer major dexterity advantages. Nicolosi, Joseph, A. The following is a scientific investigation of human homosexuality. Called TSHRit makes a type of receptor protein that recognises and binds to a hormone that stimulates the thyroid.

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Are these and other behaviors influenced by nature or by nurture?

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