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I think I have been a wonderful husband and I was so lucky my best friend was just like me but that is real rare. Back Psychology Today. At one point during his sophomore year, I was visiting him on homecoming weekend when he nervously admitted that he might be bisexual because he had been in an exclusive quasi-relationship with an older guy a grad student for months. The mistake we both made is we were also dating and we would often have sex with our girlfriends then spend the night together, making love all night. As she has know and liked him for 25 years I am not sure what the reaction would be but it would be something I would have to do. Thousands of years since then, at present for us to revert back to this natural state, we are considered to more "progressive", ironic.

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In my own life, prior to my grandmother passing the closest I ever came to telling her that I'm gay was simply, "please understand that I know no plans on having children".

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Like it or not, there are plenty of guys in college who, after partying, watching porn, in a straight sex dry spell or plain old curiosity become physically involved with other guys. While being labeled that way doesn't bring me joy, I think he's being as honest with me as you think your guys are with you, Cherry, regardless of which sexual "role" he manifested when we had sex. Other studies further elaborate the many reasons for SMSM substance use, including:

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