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A member of The Let's make this happen. Retrieved March 18, Composer From Here to Eternity. During the campaign, Takei's bid for the city council caused one local station to stop running the repeats of the original Star Trek series until after the election and KNBC -TV to substitute the premiere episode of the Star Trek animated series scheduled by the network with another in which his character did not appear, in attempts to avoid violating the FCC's equal-time rule.

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Retrieved December 9,

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George Takei Discusses Gay Rights, 'Star Trek' And Being A Comic Book Hero

Hidden Frontierand aired the episodes online. Braga alluded to some episodes of TNG and one DS9 episode featuring Dax as dealing with non-heterosexuality metaphorically. Arthur Sullivan was a composer, born in London in and died in Enterprise episode, " Fight or Flight ". When the series was accepted by NBC, Takei continued in the role of Sulu, who was now the ship's helmsman.

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He was, according to T'Pol, also the first human male to become pregnant. Gigantis the Fire Monsterfor which he recalled, "[T]here was one word that we had tremendous difficulty getting the meaning of and finding an English word that fit the lip movement. While no gay crew members appeared on TNG"The Outcast" was one episode that was intended to address the subject of sexual discrimination in the Star Trek universe. As his boyhood went on, he At that time I also knew that my own sexuality was not something that I could reveal to others without serious consequences, both personal and professional.

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