Reasons to be for gay marriage

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It Can't Be a Real Marriage. A single person could submit their signature online multiple times providing they used different email addresses which were not verified. There are, of course, the legal, property, and financial benefits of being married. Conservatives prevail to hold back the tide on same-sex marriage. It isn't fair that I pay more taxes because of my marital status. Ryan AndersonJames Cook University. Yes, gay people can already get married … to people of the opposite gender.

reasons to be for gay marriage
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For Christian Nationalists, legalized gay marriage would represent a defeat for their religion in the fight to define the boundaries of American culture and law.

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But, as everyone should know, passion and reason are complementary. This will decrease bullying and will help others to feel welcomed into the society. No, they have not. I am shocked and sickened that "educated" people allowed this despicable abomination to occur in our civilized society!

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Marriage as a Cultural Symbol.

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