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Nikki Fultz, Director The Otis R. Bowen Center The Otis R. Welcome to Safe Zone for Students! Northeast Indiana Diversity Library. Below is a list of organizations and agencies in and around northeast Indiana that are welcoming and nurturing to LGBTQ individuals.

purude almada gay organization
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Safety Giving.

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Matthews says each chapter typically has a minimum of 15 members. Safe Zone workshops invite Purdue Fort Wayne staff and faculty members to explore the history, language and symbols of the LGBTQ movement, examine homophobia in its larger social and human rights context and help straight colleagues become allies and advocates for the LGBTQ co-workers, family, friends and neighbors. Post to Facebook. Through the years, crowds have grown from to more than 5,

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The overarching goal is to advocate and educate, on a national level, issues of importance to trans gender people.