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For instance, in one episode, her colleague needs someone to practise tennis with, and Helen happily accepts to assist her, implying that she can play tennis brilliantly. Was this review helpful to you? Craig is one of Fairfax Media's most experienced digital editors. Sketches by Catherine Tate and her comedy troupe. Elaine states that the wedding ceremony had to be short as they could not gauge the amount of sedative to give him.

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Catherine Tate review – droll superstar not bovvered by comeback pressure

Jill Halfpenny guest-starred as the Northern nanny. A parody of Life on Mars which features Tate as Ma Willow, the overbearing owner of the boarding house "Ma's" during the s, who takes in time-travelling policeman, Sam Speed, after he is hit by a car. In series two she appears a second day with enhanced breasts. In series two, episode six, after Sam excitedly tells the story and follows her usual pattern, Paul, instead of saying 'What are you like? An upper-middle-class woman who goes into a state of shock in various, seemingly innocuous situations. Their secretary, Carole-Anne, played by Una Stubbsfinds it a struggle to keep the identities of the celebrities a secret.

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Ally is an extremely tactless woman, who despite meaning no harm, always manages to unintentionally offend people in one way or another, after being introduced to them at parties. A culturally ignorant and xenophobic Northern couple, introduced in series 2 and portrayed by Tate and either Derren Litten series 2 or Nigel Betts series 3 respectively, who express their disgust at meals they have been presented with at restaurantsusually based on either perceived over-pricing or the exotic nature of the food. Watch as she deals with problems at anger management sessions, refuses to sell her house and more. Elaine had met Jerry over the Internet but never in person, but notwithstanding having never met him remained positive about his crimes and continued to declare her love for him. When they invite a production crew into their workplace to make a documentary about them, they struggle to keep the names of their clients a secret, due to comments such as "If that jiffy bag doesn't get to Wembley Arena by 7 o' clock, it'll be the first time " Candle In The Wind " has been sung in crash helmets!

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