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The wicked knight leapt suddenly upon him, cutting off the top of the crown which the unction of sacred chrism had dedicated to God. If, then, he receives injury where he looks for security, what will be the remark made on you by the voice of all? Therefore, in order that we may not fall into the commission of this error, we have rendered of no effect, and have made null and void the authority of that writing, as also the writing itself, together with all the corruptions that are therein contained; and more especially the following: A shrine was later created at the site. It was fitting that the soldier of the Lord and the martyr of the Savior adhered to His words when he was sought by the impious, "If it is me you seek, let them leave. Then, with another blow received on the head, he remained firm.

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At last they arrived at the sea-shore, and reaching the port of Sandwich, secretly embarked on board of a ship, and then, secretly setting sail, in the morning landed in Flanders, whence he immediately made his way to France.

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The archbishop who put his love for his God above that for his king

Is it that you expect to find a defender of your disobedience in him who has received the office and the command to take cognizance of all acts of disobedience? More from the web. Is then the Divine grace to be despaired of? But on what grounds do you rest your confidence in this presumption? For all persons have a full recollection how kind the king our master has strewn himself towards you, to what a pitch of glory he has raised you from an humble station, and how he has with feelings so joyous received you into his especial favor, that the whole of the various portions of his dominions, which extend from the northern ocean to the Pyrenees, he has rendered subject to your power; so much so, that in them public opinion considered those only as fortunate who were able to find grace in your eyes. There are two excellently written, acted and directed movies which deal with the adult life of Henry II.

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By name also I have excommunicated John of Oxford, who has held communion with that schismatic and excommunicated person, Reginald of Cologne; and who, contrary to the mandate of our lord the pope, and of ourselves, has taken unlawful possession of the deanery of the church of Salisbury, and, at the court of the emperor, has administered the oath for the supporting of that schism. Many are already prognosticating such things, hoping that offenses may arise, and that the straight may be made crooked. The Sourcebook is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted texts related to medieval and Byzantine history. For wounded limbs return to a state of healthfulness. The revolt of Portugal The revolt of Portugal.

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