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He looked at the business card and read the name and number one more time. I lifted up his bottom and slowly slid the union bottoms off. I used to tease him and say he looked like Captain Birdseye, so he got to calling me his "special sailor" which stuck ever since and actually did make me feel special. The outline of the ridge of his glans was starkly visible through the foreskin, and although the head of his cock hat seemed as big as an apple to me before, even the plum sized knob was a challenge. It felf wonderful but I was embarrassed to allow my delight show. Son, "I hope you have no objections, I want to suck you off instead of jacking you off or letting you jack off in my mouth.

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He peppered Barry's thighs with kisses and licks as he worked his way back towards Barry's cock.

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I always shower and jack off after my workout. For some reason he felt uncomfortable with the other man who just came in. He was getting hard again.

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A second and smaller third shot of cum followed quickly.

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