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Gay men and women have fought for years to gain the right to do this legally, so showing their commitment to the public is an amazing first step. Feel free to check out your local stores, but be prepared for a less-than-stellar selection. If you both prefer completely identical rings, then you simply need to agree on the design and metal. We feel each piece should last a lifetime and so we make ourselves happily available in order to ensure that happens. Customization takes time, more time than in-stock rings. The perfect rings—even matching rings—are out there. Shopping on Equalli is safe and secure.

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Matching engagement rings can be tough to choose, but not because of lack of selection.

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Gay Wedding Rings and Gay Engagement Rings

Most couples make the trip to the local jewelry store to check out rings prior to purchasing engagement rings. Couples may choose to design their own rings, but this can be a more costly option. Tag us mervisdiamonds or send in your photos and we'd love to feature your happy photos! Many stores cater almost exclusively to women, and male same-sex couples often find the selection to be limited, at best. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: By working in this way, we create jewelry in small batches so each one is given our single-minded attention to detail which is the basis for our lifetime guarantee.

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We welcome the opportunity to be a part of the love story for so many couples and to become the jeweler of choice for those who have that same dedication and passion. Matching engagement rings can be tough to choose, but not because of lack of selection. We are in the business of creating a lifetime of memories together, no matter what your preference is, which is why we are the number one choice for engagement rings in DC. Shop Engagement Rings Mervis proudly supports love and everyone's right to marry! When Trent Andersen chose to create a company that embraces quality, sustainability and beauty he had no idea how relevant those principles would become. And time is money.

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