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Barack Hussein Obama is not My President!!! I always take it or buy a new one when I travel. Revelation 6: Are they part of the movement? And do you think the show is better? Episode Jaye Smooth, who? Sign up for premium h

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I assume this is what the gays are talking about when they discuss "water sports. I have been to Europe six times over the past decade, to many different countries. I can tell you that God recommends you use cheap, coarse toilet paper to finish off your business. If you use the european bidet - like the one linked that features a cat - how does that work?

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No, it is not normal for gay men to either use Tucks or their wet-wipe equivalent after every poop, or to literally douche their ass -- as in the store-bought version or a shower attachment inserted in one's anus -- whenever they expect to get fucked.

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