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Bates mentions Jaws as the best movie ever made. The Dukes of Hazzard: Some Jerk with a Camera: He finds a way to go back in time and successfully saves him, also meaning that the family never adopted Vinny. De Kijk van Koolhoven: United States of Tara:

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Jaws memorabilia is featured prominently, and Nicotero displays one of the original Ben Gardner heads.

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Larissa tries to shoot at it and says "Smile you son of a bitch! Also, photograph is shown. All Steven Spielberg films ranked. What's Wrong with the Happening??? The Life of Larry shorts Stewie Griffin: Also mentioned when talking about Spielberg. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century:

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Who Ya Gonna Call? Cast members Guest stars Writers Awards. The Rotten Tomatoes Show: In addition, Frank Sinatra Jr. One of the main characters says: The Story of Richard D.

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