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I remembered how he had told me about one of his other "boys" who he had taken to his bed and used fully after a spanking, so I asked if he would consider using me in the same way. The fiery kiss of the cane on your bare skin, the searing stimulation of your behind, the powerful forward-thrust of your body at each stroke? Semen spurted and was rubbed into bare chests and then more kissing and an extensive manual exploration of a pair of nude bodies followed. The door was however locked and no young man was in evidence. How about coming along to the museum now, suggested Ronan and I can let you have a look at the cane; just to help you decide. For a long minute, David stood irresolute as he fought an internal battle; and then he made up his mind.

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The cane was stroked gently across the skin just above the crown of his buttocks and he tensed himself for the stinging stroke which followed a few seconds later.

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David swallowed and blinked uneasily. Watching this over, and over, and over, and over again I still get so wet and horny. Straight in!

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Just say the word and you will know, said the young man.

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