Alternativ hormone treatment for transgender

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Mood changes, including depressionmay occur with feminizing hormone therapy. Basic and Clinical Aspects. Optometry and Vision Science. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. A gynecologist is a medical and surgical specialist concerned with the care of women from pregnancy until after delivery and with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the female reproductive tract. All of these changes depend to some degree on genetics.

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Furthermore, no head-to-head comparisons of hormone regimens have been published.

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Cross-gender Hormone Replacement Therapy

Routine laboratory monitoring of patients on cross-sex hormone therapy can be challenging because results are often reported using gender-specific reference intervals, which are not all appropriate for transgender patients. HRT causes a reduction in muscle mass and distribution towards female proportions. Both the World Professional Association for Transgender Health WPATH and the Endocrine Society have created transgender-specific guidelines to help serve as a framework for providers caring for gender minority patients. The patient is unlikely to experience any growth of the musculature unless they have not yet finished puberty. Trans women on HRT usually follow a regimen of taking both anti-androgens, to suppress the production of testosterone in the body, and estrogen, to induce typically female characteristics. You've seen a psychiatrist who is a medical doctor and they did not say 'hormones will kill you'.

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Such protocols assume that the individual is best equipped to make decisions about their own body, while providing the tools to ensure that the client has all the necessary information to make an informed decision. The uppermost layer of skin, the stratum corneumbecomes thinner and more translucent. Management of female-to-male transgender persons: International Journal of Transgenderism. Transgender health in Massachusetts: Use of anti-androgenic therapy as an adjunct helps to achieve maximum change. You've been lied to.

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