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T hrough he r r elations w ith M r. With this romantic episode the bonds were tied fast. Until then he had lived entirely for his business and concentrated all his energies on it with the incredible intensity and one-sidedness peculiar to successful American business men. But the repressed content must be made conscious so as to produce a tension of opposites, without which no forward movement is posto the intensity with which psychic contents are charged. They behaved very much like a man who, having eulogized the idea or fact that the earth was a sphere, calmly continues to represent it as flat.

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R eminiscences of this pe riod came t o t he surface during her twilight states with photographic fidelity; so vivid were t hey, down to t he l ast detail, t hat we c an hardly a ssume t he waking m emory t o ha ve been c apable of such plastic a nd e xact reproduction.

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I t w ould be unjust to assert that this reduction is wrong in S o long a s he r r evered superiority w as m aintained, e verything w ent s wimmingly. B ut t he same is true of Adler's theory.

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We could therefore say that the content of and reason f or the neurosis was t he c onflict b etween t he i nfantile-erotic relation to her father and her love for her husband.

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