Transgender art and comics

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Not only outwardly but inside where it counts! Story of my life Follow me on instagram. I never talked to one, i feel like they are just like everyone, they point their finger to their head and they say: DancingToMyself 1 year ago Spot on! Kaye turned to drawing as an outlet to express what she was going through, and in turn began creating comics that show what transitioning can really be like.

transgender art and comics
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This is a silly birthday gift for shinsouvevo based on a conversation we had while I was giving him his T shot.

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Tell me about yourself! New comic series hilariously depicts what it's like to live with a disability. Last year, when transgender artist Julia Kaye began going through her transition, she found that despite being "out" to family and friends, she didn't really have any trans people to talk to about her struggles — an experience she tells Refinery29 was "incredibly isolating.

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