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In twenty-two years of continuous sobriety, I have never been asked what my personal beliefs or lack thereof are…not once. Special purpose meetings have existed in AA since the s. I love your post. Wait, that Christian God sounds a whole lot like…. Typical AA behavior, as they will say changing these steps without official permission violates their intellectual trust.

If revised, they are no longer the AA 12 steps, by definition.

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If i had not been raised in hideousslow thinking, bible belt Texas, I may not have been beaten by religion they way I have and I might not react like you have just offered my a drink of radiation when you mention it to me. The choir promotes pride in musical excellence, and fosters a positive image of common goals of belonging, unity, and empowerment. I have an atheist friend who just got out of rehab for narcotics 1 year ago and doing fantastic with his step group. Personal Essay Dear Dad:

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Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.