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All users, including non-paying users, can set various options for comments: The change in LiveJournal's terms have also come as Russia's president Vladimir Putin faces an upcoming election in March As of July the community has roughly 8, members, and is watched by more than 7, LiveJournal users. In particular, he noted that Livejournal's normal practice of reviewing suspensions and notifying suspended account holders had not been followed:. I met my best friend on Neopets when we were 12 or Users can also have replies sent directly to their registered e-mail address.

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Generally, " friending " allows a user's friends to read protected entries and causes the friends' entries to appear on the user's "friends page. LiveJournal allows paid account users to change privacy settings on past entries in bulk. Remember me.

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I had been a member for about three years when work forced my absence from the forum for several weeks.