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Yes, gay male culture is stereotyped as some sort of massive sex party where we're all having anonymous hook ups through Grindr, which in all fairness isn't super far from the truth, but it really isn't as easy to get laid as y'all seem to think. I hope an duck gets stuck in his mouth dam slut. Chris August 7, Thank you for submitting your comment! Get in with her friends.

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Take the fish out and the movie would have been hotter.

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14 Things Straight Girls Will Never Understand About Gay Guys

Figure out what makes you look cute and do it. In all fairness, my ilk is to blame for this just as much as the straight girl tribe, so how about we both promise to stop this practice entirely, it's never very flattering for either party. Going out to pick up chicks tonight, and google led me right to this goldmine: This is very convenient because awkward lesbians are a plentiful species. It was so funny! Found the video somewhere on the gay interwebs last night and just had to blog it. You will then be presented with the same consent screen next time you access the website if you opt-out.

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If you want any more advice on your butch lesbian love life then you can contact me on: Gay actresses and Hollywood lesbians are becoming increasingly well known as our society moves in a more progressive, accepting direction. Damn you, KC Danger. It just makes good sense. I then, for some reason, thought it would be just as good if not better!

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