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Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce and Terrence Stamp star in this Australian flick about two drag queens and a transwoman road-tripping through the Australian desert in a lavender school bus named Priscilla. Loving Annabelle Basic plotline? A joyously sexy, almost psychedelic collection of stories featuring the fabulous beauty of Bobby Kendall in this hugely influential self-produced film by James Bidgood. This is a collection of movies that, at the very least, express to its viewers that—no matter what end of sexual or gender spectrum in which they feel most comfortable—they are not alone. Cart 0. Duck Butter. Watch films on BFI Player.

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This time, she stars opposite Piper Perabo Lost and Deliriousanyone?

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International strategy. Beautiful, moving, with fine performances from Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett. There, sparks are rekindled with an old childhood friend McAdamswhose husband Dovid completes the love triangle.

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Here are 30 films we love and so many we have screened in the Festival.

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