Gays joining fraternities

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Only this time, I cried along with the men who actually liked me. Bart Egglesworth of Yale University has spent the past 20 years studying fraternities. Brothers vent their sexual interest on one another by using male dominance and homophobia to repel any notions of homoerotic tendencies. Egglesworth explained some of his findings: But mostly, I don't talk about it because I'm still making sense of it.

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And I was alone.

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Nation's Fraternities Finally Come Out As Gay

Being invited signaled acceptance, even if it was only on their terms. Fraternity life is about gross displays of masculinity, and when boiled down, that means men oppressing and objectifying women. I might not be one of them, but I could hang with them, and that meant something. It made it go down easier. And I was alone. Suddenly, I was invited to the premier parties, not just from the fraternity I was hanging out with, but others. An old friend suggested I move to Chicago.

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I was using her to prove a point to the other men; I could get more women than they could. An old friend suggested I move to Chicago. But I haven't turned my backs on them. Nothing takes me back to college like the smell of stale piss mingled with pot and PBR. True, these weren't my boys, but even after all this time, those letters mean something to me. There were sorority dances, there were keg parties on the back deck, and there were plenty of men who could give me a shot glass.

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