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His home is grand and richly decorated, only in need of a gorgeous woman who would be the jewel he could show off to the world, hence his rushed marriage to Gilda, who clearly married him for his money. How much time do you give me? It is all there for the audience to see and read between the lines but still so perfectly coded that it was possible for the movie to cheat the censors. Further noir feeling is induced by the use of flashback, voice-over and dream structures. The flashback, on the other hand, is both vaguer as to the nature of destiny and fate and is more frightening. He seems to teach film and television study with a tendency towards homosexuality and sexuality in general.

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There is another thread at this forum called 'Gilda' where the topic of the relationship between Ballin and Johnny is explored.

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George Allen and Unwin, Witness the film noir homosexual's attitude to women, and the picture is complete. Jamaica Z Lee.

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Yet the road that he chooses, or is chosen for him, does not lead directly.

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