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He continued to whisper filthy, horny ideas in my ear non-stop. He started to grind his crotch into my face as my tongue lapped at that filthy pouch of his - I could taste piss, sweat and cum and I soon had the pouch soaking wet with my drool. The third guy was a small chunky lad wearing tight white fitted boxers and a T-shirt. I pulled my own pants back on and went in search of my third man. He moved one hand to my straining, leaking cock and the other to my arse, rubbing through my underwear. I couldn't get enough and stuck more of my tongue into his mouth, savouring the flavour in his hot mouth. As the evening progressed, the action started towards the back of the bar.

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He groaned out loud "Fuck, yes, that's wonderful.

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Hot and Raunchy Down Under : Part 1

I knew that I had to jack off when I was alone. They fell to the floor and I stood before this man in my tighty whities that was wet from all the leakage from my cock. I shoved my tongue up his nostril and started to lick it out. Get instant access to some narrated sex stories from Erotic Audio. His touch sent a bolt to my already hard, leaking cock. As I pulled into Mornington, I decided to stop in at the local supermarket to pick up a few supplies before heading to the house. I could see the that his whole body was coated with sweat and my hard cock throbbed in my pants and I felt another lot of precum ooze out of the end.

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After my orgasm subsided, Doug got off his knees, slowly, teasingly withdrawing his finger from my arsehole making me moan some more. Part 5 Thomas makes the first move. Holding each other, we put our lips together again. I have a hairy body, a pierced right nipple and a tattoo on my right arm of a pair of Doc Martens handcuffed together. He took my cock in his big hand to rub pre-cum around the sensitive head sending shivers through me before returning it to my arsehole and putting my hard shaft back in his mouth. I chewed on his nipples, sucked the sweat from his armpits, sucked his cock into my mouth and drank his piss.

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