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Mike seems like the kind of guy who tells himself he's not gay because the Aramaic word for penis can also mean "totally allowed toothbrush. In the middle of explaining what chromosomes are, he'll throw in an unlabeled carbon chain or a brain gland diagram. The Gay Bomb: Both are ridiculous in a dark, tragic way, and both also take up several feet of shelf in my library. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sometimes he'll just ask himself things like "What's the deal with lesbians?

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And when they find me, the books surrounding my unscented corpse will give forensic psychologists something to study and debate for generations.

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For example, if you're faced with a hot tub full of men, you don't search the index for "wet temptation emergency. Two formerly gay men and one soon-to-be-formerly gay man running into each other in the parking lot of a gay gym, and all they do is discuss the glory of God's majesty. And to make matters worse, all of these nightmares were pointless. Create New Account.

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I don't think Joseph really wanted to cure anyone.

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