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And Yours Truly was invited to attend. If you're so rich that you don't depend on weekly paychecks, then simply make sure you have access to that money market account, or whatever it is that you draw from. The son eventually shot off but at the beginning he needs to be taught much more effective wanking technique not just shaking his dick, lol. Except for this next paragraph: And to be honest, I have no idea. This week hates me.

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Well, there IS one way you can get at it.

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Seems today's guy just couldn't stay away from watching the election returns on his phone though. Of course, " Haunted House " is also available for your enjoyment. Such was the case this last weekend. Yes, I already know how glorious I am, but a little personal encouragement never hurt anyone.

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How will I ever enjoy your stuff then?!

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