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They explain at length how they came to the realization. After my wedding, a lot of young, gay men reached out to me. Many of them struggled with finding a suitable partner or if they found anyone, they struggled to sustain the relationship. A single man is not allowed to adopt a child in India and this puts restrictions on me. Learning how to argue again after an abusive relationship. The stigma imposed by added an additional layer of complexity for the Indian gay community. I had nobody to talk to," she said.

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The family was careful and invited only people who they knew would be comfortable with the event.

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Woman opens up to 'Humans of New York' about her life married to a gay man

Josh works in his private practice as a licensed marriage and family therapist. But I'm optimistic that these will come sooner than what it took for the western world. I was super-thrilled to hear this statement from Justice Indu Malhotra: Some of the loveliest marriage proposals that happened after the 'Yes' result. We love traveling and good food. I would have certainly adopted a kid from India if it was legally possible for me to do so.

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Josh Weed also wrote that his stance on homosexuality, that once aligned with that of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, had changed. Included with the announcement and explanation about the couple's divorce was an apology to the LGBTQ community. You don't sound happy this way. Some of the loveliest marriage proposals that happened after the 'Yes' result. The traditional shaadi set-up with haldi and mehendi celebrations.

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