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Retrieved 4 August Department of State, pages " PDF. In general, we absolutely condemn acts of violence and human rights violations committed against individuals in Iraq because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. This problem is made more complicated by the fact that members of the police are often also members of various militia groups. Retrieved The law prohibits discrimination based on race, disability, or social status, but it does not address The organization is focusing on online activism and encourages the Iraqi government to officially establish rights for the Kurdish and Iraqi LGBTQ community.

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While homosexuality itself has been legal sinceopenly gay men are not permitted to serve in the military and same sex marriage is illegal.

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And the US embassy in Baghdad has raised, and will continue to raise, the issue with senior officials from the government of Iraq, and has urged them to respond appropriately to all credible reports of violence against gay and lesbian Iraqis. In addition to a ban on same-sex marriage, these public morality-based laws impose restrictions on the freedom of speech, press and personal expression. The Criminal Code ofenacted by the Ba'athist party, only criminalized sexual behavior in cases of adultery, incest, rape, prostitution, public acts or cases involving fraud or someone unable to give consent due to age or mental defect. The same penalty applies to any person who advertises such material or displays it in public or sells, hires or offers it for sale or hire even though it is not in public or to any person who distributes or submits it for distribution by any means.

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