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Mark continues to behave as cockily as he did 17 years ago and shows no remorse for what happened. Luke's alcoholism continues to get worse, leading to the deterioration of his relationship with Mandy and to causing him to ignore Oliver's attempts to talk to him about the grooming he is experiencing at the hands of Buster Smith Nathan Sussex. Everybody knows that Luke is terrific on a night out, but few realise how hard it is for him to keep control Lists of characters By year: When he tries to tell Mandy about the rape, she ignores him and tries to punish him for their separation. Following the end of the storyline, Luke began to struggle with depression, which led to the character attempting suicide.

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Shropshire Star.

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Warm, good-looking, charismatic and bursting with energy, Luke Morgan is the very definition of a "glass half-full". Mandy and Luke reconcile after she can see how hard he's trying to redeem himself, and in the process Mandy proposes. All is not as it seems.

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When Darren is released from prison and he discovers Luke is homeless and living out of his car.

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