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Show your lesbian pride with this quote inspired design. Here that somebody is a fundamentalist ape - a theoretical pest from the stone-age, that somehow managed to survive even amidst all the rise of reasoning and intellect. He writes Spins, Not tragedies. Negative factors were more common than positive factors when youth discussed their families. When we challenge everything we believe we are, we reveal that which we never knew about our own selves. Family Bad thing is like you're in the closet and you don't really like want to tell your family.

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Embrace the proud, fantastic beast that you are!

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For instance, some youth discussed reclaiming derogatory terms such as faggot or dyke as a positive step in deflecting and reappropriating their negative connotation and usage. No one trains us to shield our hearts from each other. Even with the awkwardness of first time lovers there was a grace and purity, carnal and beautiful that I knew from that moment on I could never live without. For example, in Table 2youth reported two different experiences of harassment including being spit on and getting beaten up.

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So say it loud and say it proud, because no one can dull your rainbow!

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