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Rod cried out as he felt the cum welling up and exploding from his balls! His first nut had taken the edge off and now he was fucking hard! You dudes have me cock crazy too! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Blaine's soft ass was grinding against Finn's hard cock. He stuck the douched bottles neck inside it and grinned as the warm water flowed inside. Finn knew that he was straight, he loved women and he loved having sex with women.

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He thought about how stretched out his ass would be after this!

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Pump, pump, pump, and he collapsed a very tired and happy man. Sign in to write a comment. Keep up the good work. Tell me what you think? Finn knew that he was straight, he loved women and he loved having sex with women. Finn immediately got hard, but why? Finn slaps his ass at the same time and then moves back, pushing forward as hard as he can.

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He walked up to Finn's room and knocked it, opening it without an answer. Gone was the little tight ring from a few hours ago. Finn thrusts harder and faster, as his hands stays onto Blaine's ass cheeks. Though he soon has to notice it's not as easy as he though it would be. His load shot so deep inside me, giving me the final blow, which made me reach the orgasm also, as a result cumming onto the window. The Trophy Wife by Madeleine Mitton. Finn threw it on the floor, along with his wallet, pants and boxers.

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