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Don't do this wicked thing In 19th-century Iran, a young beardless adolescent was considered an object of beauty—desired by men—who would grow naturally into an older bearded man who desired youthful males. The story of Sodom's destruction — and of Abraham 's failed attempt to intercede with God and prevent that destruction — appears in Genesis During Ramadan, my Jeddah tour guide, Yasser, abstains from sex. Like many gay and lesbian teenagers everywhere, he felt isolated. This strikes many Saudis as a reasonable accommodation. The Israelite leaders met at Mizpah and decided that the Benjamites should be punished for their "abomination.

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The modern English word " bugger " is derived from the French term bougrethat evolved from the Latin Bulgarus or "Bulgarian".

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In his Summa Contra Gentiles Thomas Aquinas ranked sodomy as the worst crime second only to murder itself, because it essentially amounted to wanton destruction of a potential person. Even Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab—the 18th- century religious scholar who founded Wahhabism—seems to draw a distinction between homosexual desires and homosexual acts, according to Natana DeLong-Bas, the author of Wahhabi Islam: He and most other scholars in the field believe that at about that time, Middle Eastern attitudes toward homosexuality fundamentally shifted.

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His family escapes and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed.

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