Transgender priests of asherah

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One woman in particular, the priestess Puduhepa, is known to have succeeded in importing Hurrian deities into Hittite culture. Small wonder that Joseph's brothers, devotees of Yahweh, would react badly to their brother becoming a woman, a hierodule priestess of Asherah, for indeed this is what the story indicates. Yhwh tribalists may celebrate the slaughter of the pagan priests, after all Jezebel had been slaughtering the priests of Yhwh in a rather ungenerous exception to normal polytheistic practice. This reflects the strong anti-gay beliefs of Dallas Theological Seminary which trained some of the folks associated with the NET Bible. A more nuanced view, espoused by Pirenne-Delforge, suggests that ritual sex did exist in the Near East, but not in the Greek or Roman worlds in classical or Hellenistic times.

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Writing about them, the Greeks, who were somewhat transphobic, claimed that they were who they were as a punishment and made jokes about how they were the Scythians who had castrated themselves by spending too much time in the saddle.

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Sacred prostitution

He no doubt witnessed the rites if he attended the major festival of Cybele and would have been aware of this had he been initiated into one of the various mystery religions. When the flames fall upon the body, the limbs contract and the open mouth seems almost to be laughing until the contracted body slips quietly into the brazier. Another tells of a Scythian noble, Anarcharsis, who traveled to the west in search of wisdom around BCE. By the time of the Scythians, the relations with the Enarees were mixed, both respected as priestesses and seers and also ridiculed. Iconography, building styles, customs endure across millennia, in spite of conquests, the rise and fall of empires, language changes, and new cultural influences. Ashtoreth was the fertility goddess consort of Molech. The general name, used throughout Palestine and in the Bible, for this type of fire god, was Baal.

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Email required Address never made public. I think we are looking at something far older that predates any named goddesses known from inscriptions. Then he proceeded to hunt out the remaining worshipers in their communal homes and temples he broke down the houses of the male cult prostitutes Ishtar Temple at Ebla The Syrian temples of Ebla, like its art and writing, followed the southern Mesopotamian pattern. The British anthropologist James Frazer accumulated citations to prove this in a chapter of his magnum opus The Golden Bough —[3] and this has served as a starting point for several generations of scholars. Gay Christian eBook.