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He started rubbing them, and Adam's moaning doubled in volume. Adam grabbed some and rubbed it through his fingers, before putting two up his ass, scissoring to stretch his hole. Hooper secretly hopes that the show will dedicate an episode to busting the myth that both of them are gay. Do not edit the contents of this page. That got me thinking that they could be sleeping together.

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During the Christmas themed Special of Mythbusters, he has said that Christmas "was not his thing" and that he would be working on Dec.

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Adam smiled, and making sure Jamie could hear him, said "I'm gonna make sure the whole neighborhood can hear us tonight. I'd also like to answer an unasked question here — we're NOT gay! That got me thinking that they could be sleeping together. It's an intentionally-made exaggeration of Jamie's skills. Seriously thought, I've often come across this position before that we should not call someone an atheist unless every possible interpretation, no matter how remote, has been exhausted. Adam managed to maneuver Jamie to the bed and lied down with Jamie on top of him, kissing all the while.

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I see no sources anywhere for this. Just In All Stories: Sorry if I got too preachy at the end. Sorry for such an oversight. But it was like watching a cartoon. Jamie happened to be standing outside, so we took a couple of pictures. Our function is to make sure that science and engineering is both creative and also realistic.

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