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In the final ever episode, it is revealed that Ian is now engaged to a transsexual. Ian confronts Mickey at his home, determined to retrieve it. Right before Mickey goes into Lloyd's house for the heist, he kisses Ian for the first time. Fictional characters introduced in Fictional characters introduced in Fictional gay males Fictional salespeople Fictional murderers Fictional United States Army personnel Fictional characters with bipolar disorder Fictional bartenders. Jerome Valeska in Gotham. The following year, he appeared as Kevin O'Doyle, the bothersome next-door neighbor to Adam Sandler in the fantasy comedy Click. From the second we saw him, he was it.

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Ian is highly orderly and disciplined, traits that are attributed to his membership in his school's Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

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Cameron Monaghan: Ian Gallagher

Clayton closely resembles Ian, and the boys assume he is Ian's father. When recounting the decision to cast the 9-year-old Monaghan, director and executive-producer Jeff Bleckner explained, "There are some people, when you put them up on film, they sort of pop off the screen at you. For other people named Ian Gallagher, see Ian Gallagher disambiguation. After hours of deciding what to do with him, Maxine overhears a conversation where Ian admits that he would "rather fuck him than kill him". It definitely ends when Kash, who can no longer reconcile being gay and being married, leaves.

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In later series, all the family, except his adoptive father Frank Gallagher David Threlfallare aware of his sexuality. Sex scenes on Shameless make me squirm, says star Gerard Kearns. Retrieved from " https: At a Television Critics Association panel, executive producer John Wells stated that with Cameron Monaghan's having turned 18 the series would be able to explore Ian's sexuality in ways that had previously been barred by federal law. That same year, he appeared as Mason Ashford, the best friend and romantic interest to Rose in the fantasy adventure film Vampire Academy.

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