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What was going on here? Not too muscular but fit and trim. I was hot all over and just staring at the lump under the sheet where my hand held that fantastic wand of manhood. I stripped naked, holding a towel across my arse I climbed into the table, placing my face through the hole before cheekily sliding the towel down my arse slightly, just enough I could feel the air at the top of my crack as I relaxed and waited for Greg's return. He slowly moved away and then I sat up on bed, he smiling at me. He took me into his small chamber having a bed. Where dad only needs me and not the whore of my mother.

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He then asked me to turn around, and then one leg at a time he held by his shoulder and slowly pushed his weight over me.

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First gay massage with a very happy ending

I had severe back and neck ache and my muscles were stiff, hence decided to go to a therapist. Review s 2 Add review. First gay massage with a very happy ending. You see him sitting across the room, and your eyes are suddenly riveted to that spot. Separate tags with commas. It had been snowing since the morning and by the time John had got home from work, at least a foot of the white stuff had fallen on the city. Splitting hairs, I know - but that's a whole other story, and not for discussion here.

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We went into the house and down the hall to a room just off his kitchen. God he needed to shoot so badly. He was tempted to wank, but decided to resist, so not to ruin the massage experience later. He fucked me for what it felt like hours but it was only about twenty minutes. Lots of sex that's why. I continued to rub back and forth up and down working up the courage for my next step, finally, heart pounding on the next pass across I turned my hand over and moved it under his rock hard penis.

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