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Protective school climates and reduced risk for suicide ideation in sexual minority youths. Part 1 of the ACT for Trans Youth series Pardo, examined transgender identity development and discussed a model that posits gender variability as healthy and natural. Gillig T, T Murphy S. Adopting an intersectionality lens allows for a more comprehensive understanding of how the health outcomes and resilience of LGBTQ populations are influenced by the intersections of LGBTQ identity and race and class, for example. It is essential that we continue theoretical and conceptual exploration of resilience among LGBTQ populations. Statistics Canada. Cultur Divers Ethnic Minor Psychol.

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Through the recognition of potential hardships, identifying their individuals needs, and offering relevant support, LGBTQ youth lives can be saved.

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Competing interests. Greater victimization was related to negative academic outcomes directly and indirectly via diminished well-being. Further, they argue that models which take as their starting point a more holistic approach and which place greater emphasis on broader social and structural factors are considered more appropriate for understanding and measuring LGBTQ health.

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For children who deeply feel that their gendered self conflicts with their biological sex, pubertal changes can be extremely stressful and alienating.

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