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But I always did love the juxtaposition of him coming over after a game to me lying on the couch watching The Devil Wears Prada. I have asked why don't the players come out and its simply really, they just don't care about the circus that would come with it and only care to play footy. An extract from the book reveals Joel's opinion on stigmas attached to homosexuality, especially in the sporting industry. I'm not saying anything about who ect but it's more common than you think and it's well accepted, you must know 2 people in your entire life who are anti gay Stone Age losers, get outside those walls. The Champions show How to look flawless without spending a fortune! Why didn't you just bump one of the previous threads we've had on this topic?

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Australia 'not ready' for an AFL player to come out as gay

It would be good if footballers feel comfortable about revealing publicly that they are gay. Ball spoke to players from the St Kilda Football Club about his experiences of homophobia in sport, and his involvement was the catalyst for the club to lobby for a future Pride Game as part of their fixture. Maverick Newman prepares for his one-man cabaret show Finding Felix: There are no gay footballers. Back One Out said: Share or comment on this article: Engimal v3 Club Legend Jun 30,

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Maverick said the game creates a safe atmosphere. From his collection of iPods and 2, shirts to his acid asides not least to The brothers disagree on whether gay AFL players should come out to the public. I literally could not give a damn whether a player is into men, women or both in their private life. Fascinating unseen photos taken by a Nazi soldier show hundreds of A pre-season Pride Game between Sydney and Fremantle in was seen as a test for future special games. Elimination Chamber - Monday 18th February.

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