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In other languages Add links. IF 'twere fair to suppose. He's turned in the gate an' he's coming a caperin'. Call her, call her as you will. My heaht is bubblin' ovah wid de t'ings I want to say.

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Awhile she weeping waits Within those pearly gates; Alas!

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Another Gay Sunshine Day lyrics - Nancy Sinatra

Each of us answers to a call; Master or mistress have we all. Is God in Heaven! From the tree-top cries: Her hand scarce stirs the singing, wiry metal— Hear from the wild-rose fall each perfect petal! Ere long the grass, the flowers, the birds, the sun Once more made bright the bleak and desolate earth; They came once more, those joys of other days; She felt them, moved among them, and was glad. And I all sweet first things that are:

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Blushing the stream of petal beauty flows. What's the use o' folks a-sighin'? Don' yo' eyes git awful heavy. Should she not go higher? Yes, all is changed and all has fled. Red, green, and blue Meet their view; Silver and gold Sharp eyes behold; Small moons, big stars; And jams in jars, And cakes and honey And thimbles and money; Pink dogs, blue cats, Little squeaking rats, And candles and dolls And crackers and polls, A real bird that sings, And tokens and favors, And all sorts of things For the little shavers.

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